Mind & Body Clinic

Naya has a passion for providing solutions to Problems.

"At my little Blenheim clinic I offer you real options to your health and wellbeing. I steadfastly believe in the mind and body elements. Your body is your vehicle to experience life, and your mind drives it. The modalities that I practice, are the ones that I believe are a foundation to your health and vitality. The best way to predict your future, is to create it... Let me help you get out of pain, reach your goals, and smile again."

Naya is originally from Hawaii, but has been fortunate enough to have lived in New Zealand for the last 26 years. She receives referrals from physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, government agencies, and lots and lots of satisfied clients.

From personal experience, Naya knows that any kind of pain can change who you are and how you walk through life. Let her help you regain your quality of life with a friendly interactive session, where you can work together to find and set the goals that you want to achieve.

Phone: 03 579 5606

Address: 19 Henry St, Blenheim