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Artists give work to raise money for Ukraine


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A group of artists from the Top of the South have donated artwork to raise funds for Ukraine.

It’s personal for Anastasia Shumqova, a Ukrainian living in Blenheim. It’s just a year since she was home in Ukraine holidaying. She says at the time Covid-19 was the worry for people, but now places she visited on her trip have since been destroyed. She is pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute a painting to the auction.

Tautoko Ukraine Charitable Trust chairperson Lyubov Lawrence’s son and his family live in Odessa and Lyubov says there are sirens going off a few times every day. Lyubov has given some Ukrainian cognac along with artwork from her late husband’s collection to the auction.

Trust secretary Dmytro Romanenko says the money raised will be divided between three charities, with some providing medicine and medical supplies for those on the frontline in Ukraine. Another charity helps displaced people to find accommodation, providing them with water, food, and clothing where necessary and helping rebuild infrastructure.

The third charity provides food for people in Kharkiv.

“That’s one of the most destroyed cities, and volunteers buy, cook, and provide food for people including children and the elderly,” Dmytro says.

The trust has already raised and donated about $30 thousand, with $20,000 sent to the largest children’s hospital in Ukraine.

Dmytro says every dollar donated is accounted for, with all money being used to help people and no salaries paid from donations.

Local artist Marian Painter says she was happy to contribute to the exhibition.

“I have total and utter sympathy for the people there and any opportunity to help raise funds is good,” she says.

The Motueka art group has about 10 people giving artwork. A member says they were motivated by one of their group who is Russian and was feeling terrible about what was happening. She encouraged the members to join her in giving work to the auction.

The auction is supported by Nelson City Council, Multicultural Nelson Tasman, Nelson Centre of Musical Arts and the Tautoko Ukraine Charitable Trust.

The art will be auctioned from 6 pm on 25 August at the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts.

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