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Big paddock needed for tiny cows


Matt Brown

A young farmer is urgently searching for a big paddock for a herd of tiny cows.

Josh Milne’s childhood dream was to work with cows, a dream realised working at a dairy farm in North Canterbury.

And looking to continue his passion, the 21-year-old former Marlborough Boys’ College student “fell on his feet” when he found a miniature heifer in Nelson – kickstarting his goal to breed miniature cows.

Now looking to move back to his home region of Marlborough, Josh is looking to lease at least 10 acres for his wacky herd of smaller than average cows.

“The animal is small but it’s deceiving - they eat a large amount of tucker,” Josh says.

“At the end of the day, whether they’re big or small, they’re still cows.”


Josh has a herd of eight Galloways, five lowline Angus and a few crossbreeds – they’re about the size of a large dog, he says.

“Most of them came with names, which is a bit of a red flag,” he says.

He has miniature sheep, too; nine Babydoll Southdown miniature sheep.

“I was never allowed a pet calf and it was all I ever wanted when I was younger,” laughs Josh.

“It’s a childhood dream, working with cows.

“I fell on my feet, getting a miniature heifer.”

He says he wants to breed something different than beef or dairy cows, and he’s scoured the country looking to bolster his herd of miniatures.

“I didn’t want to get standard, run-of-the-mill cows.

“I started originally rearing dairy calves but I decided I wanted to do something different – miniatures.

“My ultimate goal is to breed micro miniatures – but it’s proving difficult.”


He sells the cute cattle as pets or paddock ornaments – and he has a long waiting list for his compact cows.

“I had 11 calves this season, but 10 bulls. It wasn’t a great season for bulls

“They’re pets, really – glorified dogs – but they do make good pets.

“They’re incredibly quiet, but obviously not as cuddly as a cat or dog. It’s all about the time you put into them.”

He says he currently leases 30 acres, and would be keen for something similar in Marlborough, despite downsizing his herd.

“Anywhere 10 acres plus,” he says. “Close to town and good grazing.

“They’re the cutest cows, 100 per cent.”

If you know of a suitable area for a herd of tiny livestock, let us know at

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