Thu, Jan 19, 2023 8:55 AM

Car crash survivor home


Paula Hulburt

A young driver who needed facial surgery after almost dying in a car crash is out of hospital.

Mark Adcock, 20, from Blenheim spent three weeks in Wellington hospital after a terrifying accident on December 10 saw him put in an induced coma.

The brave baker spent Christmas in hospital but was released in time to spend New Year's Eve with his grateful family.

His sister Socorra (Corra) Adcock says they are now trying to get back to as normal as possible.

“Mark’s doing very well and is up and about healing.

“He spent Christmas in the hospital but thankfully New Year’s at home with us.

“We are trying to get back to a “normal” routine.”

Mark needed urgent surgery to help repair his face which was badly broken in the single-car accident.

Doctors were initially worried Mark may have sustained a serious brain injury and kept him asleep until the swelling subsided.

Posting on social media, Mark says he is grateful for all the support he’s been given.

“I just wanna say thanks for all your loving and support it means a lot to me and my family.

“I’m out of the hospital now and still recovering at home but hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be back to normal.”

Police say enquiries into the incident are ongoing.

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