Sat, Apr 6, 2024 10:00 AM

Hearty support for anti-bullying charity


William Woodworth

Barry Hart wears his support for I AM HOPE on his sleeve, on his ute, and on the outside of his bright pink truck.

Since most of the grape harvest has now been completed, Barry decided to do some good with the spare time on his hands by giving kids, and kids at heart, the opportunity to explore some of his heavy hardware for a great cause.

Easter Monday saw Hart Haulage, Valley Harvest, Dynes Transport and a variety of independent truck drivers volunteer some of their afternoon to park up at Lansdowne Park and raise funds for the nationwide mental health charity.

“You just look around and see the smiles that these trucks put on kid’s faces, and it just makes your day”, says Barry.

“It’s such an important cause to support for us, because I almost lost my son to suicide as a result of bullying so getting behind I AM HOPE is the least I feel we could do”.

“We always try and find time to do something like this, and if as a result one kid opens up about any bullying they experience, it’s worthwhile”.

Charlie, Margot, Freddie and Louise Westenra
Evander, Aziah and Cat Le Brun
Harrison, Joe and Karen Mexted
Hektor and Persephone Crutchley, Mark Gwynn
Ollie, Angus and Stacey Macdonald
Rameez, Alia, Hafsa and Hamid Khan
Sophia, Chris and Alisha Shallcrass
Addison, Jen and Mackenzie Hall, Neko Rasmussen and Caitlin Simpson
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