Tue, Nov 8, 2022 8:34 AM

Round Table food bank donation plugs the gap


Matt Brown

Marlborough’s foodbank has benefited from a national Round Table meeting held in the region.

The men’s club donated $1000 worth of food to the vital Blenheim organisation.

And foodbank manager Wynnie Cosgrove says the donation is timely as stores dwindle before their annual street appeal.

“It’s perfect timing, it’s a big boost for us,” Wynnie says.

“We did over 2000 parcels last year, which is a lot for a small town.”

The club raise the money selling special coins for $15; with $10 from every purchase going to a foodbank in New Zealand.

Blenheim Round Table member Julian Butterlin, the mastermind behind the project, says the annual donation will go to the national meeting’s host foodbank. This year the national meeting is in Blenheim.

Wynnie says with the pandemic and cost of living increases, the need for the foodbank has increased.

“We’ve got families that can’t afford to put food in their kids' lunchboxes.

"There are a lot of people in need.”

Members of the public can donate to the foodbank via the Salvation Army, or the food bins in most supermarkets.

The annual Marlborough Foodbank Street Appeal is scheduled for 21 November.

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