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School build zones mapped


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Building zone plans for the co-located colleges’ campus at McLauchlan Street and the planned Bohally Intermediate campus at College Park have been released as part of the master planning process for Te Tātoru o Wairau.

Ministry of Education project director for Te Tātoru o Wairau, Simon Trotter, says the zones separate intended build areas and green spaces, enabling the design team to now develop detailed master plan layouts for the three schools.

“The design team, schools and iwi have worked through a broad range of design scenarios for the three schools, and we’re excited to be nearing completion of the master plan designs for the two campuses,” Simon says.

The Bohally zoning diagram has the new intermediate school being built over the hockey turf and roller skating rink. Supplied.

Fulton Stream gains prominence as a central feature of the co-located colleges campus at McLauchlan Street. Mr Trotter says this was a key cultural feature of the site and allowed for some exciting design options to maximise the stream’s relationship with the campus.

The main entrance for both colleges will be at a central location along McLauchlan Street, with the main build zone book-ended by large fields at either end of the campus. A recreation zone along the western boundary will incorporate sports facilities such as gymnasiums.

The site zone plan for College Park shows a build zone in the area currently occupied by the hockey turf and roller skating rink, with a green zone occupying land that is already open space.

Fulton Stream is planned to bisect the new combined college on McLauchlan Street, while a recreation area with a gym will be constructed on the western boundary. Photo: Matt Brown.

The option to build at College Park will minimise disruption to teaching and learning at both the intermediate and Blenheim’s two colleges. It enables all three schools to continue operating normally while construction of the new intermediate is underway.

“Parents, caregivers and whānau have been clear in saying a key concern for this project is around ensuring disruption to teaching and learning is minimised. College Park gives us the ability to address this, while also being an ideal site for the school,” Simon says.

The Ministry is talking with Marlborough District Council to facilitate the early termination of Council’s lease on the property. Once agreed, site preparation work will be able to begin for the new campus.

The planned zoning for the combined college will see the girls' college tennis courts and Bohally leveled for 'field zones'. The central, orange area is the proposed build zone and the pink area on the western boundary is marked for recreation. Supplied.

Detailed master plan designs showing layouts of the three schools will be shared with neighbours, school communities and the public later this year.

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