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Senior Expo a hit at home


William Woodworth

A chance to get some hands-on help and discover all Marlborough has to offer its senior community has been a big hit.

Hundreds of people attended the annual Senior Expo last week at the Events Centre.

With more than 45 stalls covering services such as library access and information outreach services to friendship and sporting groups, there was plenty on offer.

And organisers and stallholders alike were pleased to be able to get in touch with the people they are there for.

“I think both us and the people we speak with get more out of these sorts of events because we actually speak with the people whose lives we impact through our work at the Community Advice Bureau,” says local coordinator Nathan Hanson.

“It means people we haven’t met yet can come to us so we can help direct them in the right way to get the assistance they need.”

The Senior Expo was well attended by both interested organisations and members of the public.

The event has become key for many local organisations, with applications coming in as early as December.

Jill and Lynda from the local Red Hat Society’s Kiwi Damsels in De-Stress organisation say their goals of creating friendships is always more relatable in person.

“Social connections are so important, especially in places like Blenheim where people come from all over the world and all walks of life to live without pre-existing connections,” says Jill.

“I think our bright red hats and purple uniforms are really inviting because people are curious as to what we do, which is just providing a place to foster friendships without committees and to grow old disgracefully,” she laughs.

Marlborough District Council Community Partnership Officer Natalie Lawler says they were able to help many people on the day.

“The Expo has been fantastic, we’ve had really positive feedback from attendees and stallholders alike and everyone has been wowed by the amount of people and positive conversations being had.

“We’re glad to be able to cover a few things, as we’ve had lots of queries about the wheelie bins and showing everything that our libraries can do.

“It’s been really good to have these face-to-face opportunities to explain what we do and help people learn more on what is available for them in their community.”

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