Wed, Mar 13, 2024 12:00 PM

Soggy doggies make a splash


William Woodworth

Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 hosted a special swim for canine companions on Sunday with their inaugural Dog Day Out.

As part of the Stadium’s community outreach program, which aims to promote healthy and active lifestyles for people and pets, 50 dogs and their owners enjoyed a late summer Sunday swim with funds raised supporting Marlborough Four Paws care for stray animals.

The facility's outdoor swimming pool was opened for dogs and their owners to enjoy a sunny Sunday splash around and a swim together, before the pool is closed for the winter season and thoroughly cleaned.

Owners, lifeguards and animal control were on hand to ensure all doggy paddlers were swimming safely and playing properly with one another.

“Our 50 spots sold out in about four hours, and it’s been a really fun day out”, says Stadium 2000’s Operations Lead Jack Foley.

Dogs playing in the Stadium's outdoor pool.
Griffin leaps after ball into the pool.
Kadie, Teddy and Willow McClennan.
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