Tue, Jan 17, 2023 8:49 AM

Spate of vehicle break ins sparks warning


Paula Hulburt

Thieves are targeting vehicles, taking just a few dollars in change and costing owners hundreds of dollars in damages.

A spate of vehicle break ins has sparked a warning from police urging owners to be more careful when it comes to security.

Blenheim police have seen a rise in the number of calls from residents across Marlborough about vehicles being targeted by vandals and thieves.

Senior Community Constable Russ Smith says while the thieves are usually looking for valuables, even a few dollars can be enough for them to smash a window.

Senior community constable Russell Smith says there has been a rise in the number of vehicle break ins across the region. Photo: File.

“They’re looking for valuables and things they can sell on. Laptops, mobile phones, dashboard cams; anything electronic.

“But they will break glass to get to something that’s not worth a lot like a few dollars and that’s something we’re seeing a lot of.”

Russ says police believe they know those responsible for the current wave of break ins.

“It’s highs and lows with this type of thing. It’ll be a little problem and then there’s a group who’ll go out and get active over a period of weeks.

“Generally, we do catch up with them.”

While Blenheim has borne the brunt of the latest spate, rural areas are being targeted too with about a dozen reported vehicle break in across the region last week.

Taking simple security measures can make a big difference, Russ says

“Police are disappointed when we’re investigating incidences like this. Keep your cars clean and clear so there’s no temptation.

“Vehicles are more of a target on the street overnight so if you can get it off the road.

“It’s a common-sense thing; people are often quite blasé until it happens to them and then they’re more aware.”

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