Wed, Mar 20, 2024 12:00 PM

Post shop set to shut down


Paula Hulburt

Blenheim will be left with just one NZ Post shop after bosses revealed the closure of their store in Springlands.

The outlet in Unichem Springlands Pharmacy will close on 1 April this year.

And there are fears the move will make it harder for people, especially older customers, to access vital post services.

NZ Post reported a 2023/2024 half year profit of $7 million in February.

But it was the retail agent operating NZ Post services from Unichem Springlands Pharmacy who decided to end its contract, says an NZ Post spokesperson.

The one remaining store in Blenheim should be enough to serve the town’s population, they say.

“We believe the remaining NZ Post outlets in the area will suffice the current demand but are happy to review options in due course should a rise in demand for our services occur.

“When Springlands closes we will still have four stores for a population of circa 30,000.

They include a full-service store (Blenheim Paper Plus) and three post centres in the wider Blenheim area (Woodbourne, Spring Creek and Renwick).

After a raft of NZ Post store closures in Blenheim in recent years, the decision to shut the latest store leaves only the outlet in Paper Plus.

Speaking earlier this year, NZ Post Chief Executive David Walsh said continued investment was crucial to support NZ businesses.

“We have a clear strategy to continue to grow NZ Post as a commercially successful business delivering both mail and parcels.

“Critical to this strategy is the continued investment in our parcel network to support the growth aspirations of New Zealand businesses.”

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