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The sound of music in Marlborough


William Woodworth

Bec Staples is a singer-songwriter who not only performs at venues across Marlborough but adds to the local musical landscape with her work in schools and artistic groups across the region. William Woodworth spoke to Bec about her journey and insights into the Marlborough music scene.

Bec Staples first got in front of a microphone and picked up a guitar at nine years old and hasn’t looked back since.

Now, the Blenheim born and raised musician, trainee teacher and songwriter plays her acoustic, laid back, folky originals and covers at gigs throughout Marlborough.

“I’ve always loved singing, so picked up the guitar and started out playing and touring with my family at country music competitions across the country,” she says.

“It was such a love that I went to music school in Christchurch, but now I only really returned to gigging over the last few years.”


Upon her return to Blenheim, she put her musical talent to good use - assisting schools with music and kapa haka performances.

However, Bec’s time away from Blenheim’s local music scene did help her develop her skills, she says.

“Having live music in venues across town is so encouraging to see, and having people like Nigel Fairweather, Ewa Zielinska and the Pluto Projects crew creating more community-based opportunities has been awesome.

“The scene is so different now compared to even a few years ago, with way more diversity of musical interests so music anyone makes has an audience and a venue to play here.

“I’m really grateful for the local businesses hosting opportunities for musicians every week, and the lovely local community that really prioritises constructiveness over competitiveness and supporting one another’s gigs.”

Bec says she has not regretted putting herself out there and is encouraging others to do the same.

“There’s nothing to lose from putting yourself out there because businesses are run by people who appreciate the enthusiasm you bring.

“Get out there, go to gigs of all sorts, and approach any opportunities - it may be scary for you but it’s brave in the eyes of other people, and you’ll never know what doors get opened as a result.”

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