Sat, May 28, 2022 8:00 AM

Tussock Run returns following Covid cancellations


Matt Brown

Seddon School’s major fundraiser was cancelled for the last two years due to pandemic restrictions.

But to the delight of students and staff at the rural school, the popular Tussock Run, a hybrid walk or running race across the picturesque Awatere Hills, is back for 2022.

Tussock Run organiser Simon Barker says the fundraiser can net about $30,000 for Seddon School, and while the school hasn’t struggled in its absence, it’s a welcome return for the community.

“It allows kids to have things they wouldn’t be able to have, like mathletics or books in the library,” he says.

“It’s a bit more than the basics.

“The school is an important part of the community. It’s doing well, measured by the quality of the kids it’s turning out.”

Simon says they cancelled the 2020 Tussock Run early due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year, however, was disastrous.

“We were less than a week out.

“We went into the Traffic Light system on Tuesday and the run was on Sunday.”

While the run is the major fundraiser for the school, he says the benefits for the community go beyond money.

“It brings a lot of money, but it brings a lot of people out from the community because it’s such a great event. People have a catch up.

“The school is humming – it’s a very cool event.”

He says usually about 400 runners turn up for the event, with the gruelling 15km climb up Star Hill a calendar highlight serious cross-country runners.

“It’s quite a hill.

“It’s an amazing view – you don’t realise how high it is until you get to the top.”

The run is scheduled for Sunday 21 August and costs $40 for an adult or $10 for youth 17 or under.

There is also a $40 family deal for one adult and one child.

Registrations open soon.

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