Fighter Flights Ltd

Ride in a genuine fighter plane at insane speeds. We offer a life experience like no other at full throttle over beautiful Marlborough wine country.

Our recently rebuilt Yak 3 has just returned from the U.S. where she smoked Spitfires and made mincemeat of Mustangs in the renowned Reno Air Races at speeds over 550 km/hr.

Named Full Noise for the Races you can now fly in Full Noise at Full Noise. We tailor our rides from mild to wild depending on what you, our customer desires. We thoroughly recommend a taste of aerobatics and a high speed run in one of the best of the World War 2 Fighters.

You can soar to 5000 feet in moments in a graceful loop, dive on the vines or just cruise along listening to the wonderful growl of our V-12 soundtrack.


Address: Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre 79 Aerodrome Rd Blenheim