Framingham 2024 Harvest Concert


Fri Mar 08 2024 ()


Framingham Wines, 19 Conders Bend Rd, Renwick



Framingham 11th anniversary Harvest Concert 2024!

This year we are tributing the concert to Bridget Glackin – Framingham forever shining light.

The Framingham Harvest Concert is a celebration of the upcoming harvest season.

This will be the eleventh year Framingham plays host to some of New Zealand's top musical talent!

The first band announcement – The Nudge

The Nudge have been forming their genre-crossing sound for the past few years now. Elements of blues were naturally there, however with the addition of Coyle and Whakamoe, The Nudge has come to find their sound far more psychedelic and hypnotic.

What establishes these guys as unique is their ability to fill the Sonic’s of the music, both layered and texturally, to be a crucial part of their songwriting. Often tribal in rhythm, the element of a party and dance vibe is never far away from the heart of the songs.

One thing is for sure, no matter who you are, you will find something inside The Nudge that will make you feel alive, at home, or at the Party.

Second Band Salad Boys

Christchurch trio Salad Boys have drawn regular comparisons to the glory years of the Flying Nun sound, which may in itself explain their appeal to US pop-plus label Trouble In Mind Records. Their just-released debut album also largely plays homage to ’80s American college radio, noticeably influenced by bands such as REM, Sonic Youth and Pavement

Third Act Team Scary & DJ

Awesome live bands, Framingham wine, craft beer and local fare, will be flowing.

Tickets are limited...and it always sells out!

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