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Beating the heat across the region



By Amy Russ

The region's only specialised vehicle air con expert, Mike Budny, owner of Marlborough Auto Air Conditioning, offers a fully mobile service that is second to none.

His fully kitted out 4wd service vehicle gives Mike the ability to travel anywhere his customers need him to go, whether it be in the heart of the CBD or deep in the backcountry of Marlborough.

Based in High Street, Mike has everything he needs onboard to do the job right.

“We can go anywhere and can service any area, to work on any type of vehicle. Anything with an aircon unit, we can fix. We can commercially repair and make hoses pipes onsite and make a full diagnosis by pressure testing the system thoroughly, and by the book.”

Operating the mobile for three years now, Mike’s prior extensive experience in domestic air conditioning has put him in good stead giving him the knowledge and the know-how to tackle any job.

“I really enjoy being out and about on the job and keeping people cool by keeping the air con flowing. I can also retrofit air con systems to vehicles that don’t originally have a unit, for example hot rods.”

With air conditioning now under Health and Safety legislation it is now mandatory for air conditioners to comply with minimum energy performance standards, says Mike.

“We also have the ability to put an ozone treatment through your vehicle to get of any nasty smells, germs, diseases etc including cigarette smells, vomit and pet odours.”

Ozonation of air conditioning is one of the most effective methods of disinfection. Ozone, oxidises and sterilises everything that is in contact with, including fungi, spores, moulds, mites and viruses, and removes all odours and mustiness.

By ozonising and cleaning the air conditioning, the interior of the car is automatically decontaminated without causing damage or discolouration of upholstery and leather, or damage to electronics and plastics.

“Our method is even proven against SARS. The process takes around half an hour. It is via an ozonisation machine that we run O3 through the vehicle which is deadly to bacteria. There is quite a bit of science behind it.”

Mike’s business is largely through word of mouth, but the best point of contact would be email or text.

You can contact Mike via email at or call or text on 027 579 2551.

Marlborough Auto Air Conditioning, “We do it right, first time, every time.”

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