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From winemaking to decorating


Tessa Jaine

a change in career for Guthrie Bowron’s new owners

New owner of Guthrie Bowron Marlborough, Bruce Abbott, says he is fast finding his feet in the managing director’s role with the support of his incredible staff. Absolutely loving every day, he says his small amount of background experience in painting and decorating has definitely helped him, but there is still plenty to learn from his teams’ combined experience.

“I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge and my staff are just incredible! They are very patient and every day I enjoy waking up and going to work. I am lucky enough to have fantastic staff with over 60 years of experience in the industry between them. One staff member has been here for nearly 30 years and their knowledge is just unbelievable."

A one-stop shop for home decorators, Guthrie Bowron is one of New Zealand's most trusted decorating specialists. Stocking everything from curtains and blinds, to paint, wallpaper and flooring, they offer expert specialists in every store. For Bruce and his wife Caroline, part of the draw card behind the change of career was the calibre of respect people had for the franchise. “After being in the winemaking industry for 19 years, I was looking for a change. We stumbled across an advert for the store, and we decided to go for it. Everyone always has really positive things to say about Guthrie Bowron, and the support we have received from them has been incredible.”

Passing on the Guthrie Bowron torch, previous owners Colin and Katrina Legg have been extremely supportive of Bruce. “I would like to thank Colin and Katrina who have been fantastic during the handover, and in providing ongoing support. Also, the staff and Guthrie Bowron for their backing. Everyone including the suppliers and sales reps have been brilliant throughout the entire process. “They have such an in-depth knowledge of the industry and our products, and I love tapping into that.”


“I love being creative. Both of my parents are artists so it I think it runs in the blood.” With a clear vision for the store and plenty of ideas in the pipeline, Bruce looks forward to bringing a fresh new look to the brand. “In time I would like to do a complete makeover of the store and I would like to create a real focus on our ability to put together interior design schemes for our customers.”

Guthrie Bowron

40 Main Street, Blenheim

03 578 7900

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