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Getting to know... Kerri Hale


Tessa Jaine

Clinical Nurse Specialist Kerri Hale has been caring for patients at Hospice Marlborough since it opened 20 years ago. We find out about her passion for the role, adventures and love of music.

At the weekend you’ll find me...

On call every three weeks for our hospice community patients. When my husband Dave and I do get away in the Kombi, we love to go tramping, boating or biking. I like getting into my garden, especially the vege plot.

Kombi camping in Golden Bay.

As a child, I was really into...

Horseriding. I had a pony from aged two and started competing. I liked eventing and A&P shows and I rode right up to my early 20’s.

When I need advice I go to...

One of the wise hospice staff I work with. We usually come up with solutions in the staff tea room over a hot cuppa.

At a party you’ll find me...

Dancing and yelling out for songs like Wagon Wheel. I love Oasis and The Black Keys. The best night out is Fat Freddy’s Drop at Neudorf Vineyards.

The world would be a better place with...

More health professionals. We need to encourage our young people to work in this industry as a career. People think it’s a tough job to do, and it can be, but it is also very rewarding. People will always get sick and need others to care for them.

My simple pleasures are...

Being with mates and family somewhere near water and sunshine.

One thing I’ll never do again is...

Fly into Tenzing-Hillary Airport, also known as Lukla Airport in Nepal. The plane trips were terrifying and the chopper out was no better. It was a wonderful adventure with my family though.

Me, Gus, Georgie and Dave at Everest Base Camp, Nepal 2018.

I wish more people knew...

Palliative care is only partially funded in New Zealand, and is under-recognized and under-valued. As an essential service, we are constantly having to fundraise to keep our hospice here in Marlborough open and fully staffed. Dying is a natural part of life and every person has the right to die well - with compassion, dignity, in comfort and peace, and preferably, in their place of choice. Better funding will help us to continue to deliver the high-quality palliative care our community deserves, whilst also providing support for family and friends throughout a person’s illness, death and in bereavement.

I get myself out of a funk by...

Going for a walk up the Wither Hills listening to RNZ.

My biggest regret is...

Not going to Glastonbury when we lived in the UK. We are now attempting to buy tickets, 30 years later.

When I’m bored I...

Like to get outside and be surrounded by native bush or healthy-looking vegetables.

Tramping in the Richmond Ranges.

I hope in ten years I will be...

Alive! Sometimes when you’re a hospice nurse it can seem hard to imagine, however, my role reminds me everyday just how fast time goes by and how precious our lives truly are.

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