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Tessa Jaine

Tucked away in the Awatere Valley sits the sprawling and beautiful Barewood Garden. In its earlier years, Barewood Garden was close to a blank canvas, but with years of love and hard work, Joe and Carolyn Ferraby have transformed the property into one of Marlborough’s finest. The couple are looking forward to sharing their property for Rapaura Springs Garden Marlborough, 3-6 November.

Where do you live and who lives here?

We live in the Awatere valley, forty minutes from Blenheim. My husband has farmed and lived at Barewood all his life, I have lived here with him for fifty years.

What four words describe your home?

Historic, warm, inviting and rural.

What inspired this look?

The homestead is over a hundred years old. I loved it from the moment I moved in and wanted to make sure I renovated and decorated it in keeping with its age.

The wrap around veranda features many sun-soaked spots to sit with a cup of tea and enjoy the gardens from.

What’s your favourite spot in the house?

The kitchen. On a farm, it really is the heart of the house where everyone gathers throughout the day.

Where do you shop for homewares?

Wherever I have time to stop and browse. In Blenheim, it would be Thomas’s.

What piece would you never part with?

My antique French armoire, I really love European-painted furniture.

What’s your decorating style?

Classic English and European style, I love the Italian and French look in both houses and gardens.

Carolyn’s interior and exterior decorating is influenced by English and French country style.

When it comes to homeware, do you save or splurge?

Both, if it looks right for me, it’s mine!

Have you done any renovations?

We have more or less renovated the whole house over the years, always making sure it was in keeping with its age and style.

What’s your favourite room?

Our bedroom upstairs, it’s warm and sunny with great views over the garden.

The over one-hundred-year-old home has been renovated with careful consideration to its age kept in mind.

Best money spent?

Our wood range in the kitchen, it warms the kitchen, we cook on it, and we also run radiators from it throughout the rest of the house, a real game changer in winter.

Best memory of your house?

We love having people to stay, especially family, so it is the fun times created by people visiting that is so very special.

The couple’s collection of antiques are featured throughout the home.

Best seat in the house?

Our veranda. It really is another room for us, we live out there in summer and have lunch and dinner there often.

What do you love about the neighbourhood where you live?

I love living in the country, it is my happy place. The open spaces, mature trees, hills, and mountains all contribute to the feel of the house and garden.

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