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Sponsored: Forsyth Barr expands legacy with 25th branch


Tessa Jaine

For over 80 years, the award-winning national company Forsyth Barr has been providing world-class investment advice to New Zealanders, helping them grow their wealth. For many years, the company's experienced advisors, Brent Street and Jonathan Davidson, have been serving a large number of clients in Marlborough. The opening of Forsyth Barr's 25th branch in Blenheim presents the opportunity for residents in the region to have access to their expertise full-time.

Both Brent and Jonathan are accredited and registered New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) advisors with high levels of expertise in the financial service industry, including the management of custodial investment portfolios for private clients, including charitable entities, and private trusts. With over thirty years in the sector, Brent has been with Forsyth Barr for more than three decades, while Jonathan Davidson has worked in the financial services industry for over twenty years, joining the company in 2009.

They will continue their involvement in the region from the new branch, alongside Nikki Jacobson, who brings twenty years of experience in the Wealth and Financial Markets division of one of Australasia's leading banks to the company. "My husband and I moved here with our children six years ago," she says. "It was a lifestyle choice, and we have family here that we love. A year ago, the opportunity arose to join the Forsyth Barr team, which is a dream come true for me, as it allows me to return to work that truly excites me while living in a beautiful place where our family is happy and settled."

Alongside Brent and Jonathan, Nikki relishes working with clients and understanding their investment goals and objectives. "Keeping up with global economic events and being aware of the flow-on effects for our clients is very important to me," she says. "Analyzing markets and risks enables me to help clients find the best ways to maximize their investments. Forsyth Barr invests directly in the financial markets, and we are able to structure an investment portfolio according to an agreed client mandate. While the premium service is Private Portfolio Management, the company is very proactive and is currently expanding our investment options to help encourage younger people to plan more effectively for their future."

Nikki, Brent, and Jonathan are delighted with their premises on the corner of Battys Road and Waters Avenue and welcome clients seeking professional, confidential investment advice and a full range of investment services, including Portfolio Management, Investment Advice and Share broking, Fixed Interest, Savings, Investment Funds, and KiwiSaver.

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