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On the Street with Nicola Smith


Tessa Jaine

Nicola Smith is a vision in pink at Yealands Wine. As HR Advisor, Nicola finds herself especially busy at this time of year being out and about around the region. Nicola says it’s a perfect time for wearing pink and having fun with fashion.

What are you wearing today?

All pieces are thrift finds. The top was found at Vinnies and unfortunately lost its label along the way. The skirt (Trelise Cooper) and shoes (Rollies) are from Pre-loved Style in Nelson, I find so much satisfaction in hunting down new, unique pieces for my collection.

What is your style?

Thrifty, versatile and quirky! I love having pieces that I can wear to work, or when I’m with my friends and whānau. I work hard to make sure that I love all my pieces and that they show my personality but also that they’re interchangeable with each other.

What is most of your wardrobe made up of?

Gingham! I have checked bikinis, dresses, skirts, pants, bags, phone cases and more. I just love how it can elevate a simple piece into something with a bit of flare. Plus, gingham is timeless, so I have built a capsule wardrobe around these pieces (although, yes, it is a big capsule).

What are you dressed for today?

I’m dressed for a Friday at Yealands (and throughout the region). It’s an exciting but busy time with harvest/ vintage. So, I think it’s a perfect time to wear all pink and just not take myself too seriously!


Where do you buy most of your clothes from?

I aim to buy a mix of New Zealand made and second-hand garments. A few years ago, I proudly managed one of Kilt Clothing Boutique’s and I still have lots of goodies from that time. Including my Nicola skirts, this was named after me, and I am still obsessed with the design.

What is your approach to shopping?

I’m a conscious consumer, the ethics and environmental cost of an item is important to me. I love taking the time to research a brand and guarantee that it’s the right financial choice – as clothes are an investment in ourselves, our wallets, and the earth.

What is your all-time favourite purchase?

A little gold cowboy boot necklace to celebrate when I first moved to Blenheim from Auckland. It’s part of my everyday wardrobe and a good reminder that new starts can be fun.

What has been your worst clothing disaster?

Almost leaving the house in a see through skirt with bright pink underneath… for the Food and Wine Festival. Grateful that my flatmate stopped me before I got out the door!

Do you have a style rule you always obey?

I personally don’t like mixing metals; I’ll mix prints and not think twice but I have gold only and silver only days.

If you could raid one person’s wardrobe, who would it be?

Matilda Djerf – especially her shoe collection.

Finish this sentence – You would never catch me wearing…

Matching socks – life’s too short to worry about something that people never see!

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