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Age no barrier to learning


Paula Hulburt

Reading the single sentence of her mum’s life story on a laptop she struggled to use touched a chord with Wendy Reynolds.

Staring at the screen in the weeks after her mum’s death, the technology tutor vowed to help older people get to get grips with technology.

Now 18 years later, the tech-savvy Blenheim woman has helped many senior students preserve their life stories.

And she’s hoping people will consider donating mobile phones they no longer need to people who may otherwise go without.

“No one else is ever going to feel like my mum did,” Wendy, 73, says.

After converting her garage at home into a learning space, Wendy teaches technology to seniors in a bid to boost their confidence on computer devices.

It can be life changing, she says.

“Something will happen that spurs them on; internet banking has been a real biggie or shopping online when they can no longer drive to the supermarket.

“I’ve never had a failure. I don’t desert them [my students], no matter how hard they may be to teach as everyone learns at their own pace.”

Wendy, a former dress maker and aged care worker, says she wants to help as many people as possible.

As more and more transactions are done digitally, learning new skills becomes vital, she explains.

It keeps families in contact, she explains.

“Most families now are split up and all around the world. They can’t believe they can see their son or daughter and even their house, a house they probably won’t get to see in real life.

‘There is so much to be gained for them.”

Wendy holds group and individual classes. Prices for group tuition start from $5. Prices for individual support start from $20/hour. The first assessment is free.

REAP House have organised a class with Wendy to take place at Marlborough Library Te Kahu o Waipuna on Tuesday 21 May at 1.30pm.

Contact Wendy for more information on: 021 223 0160

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