Tue, May 7, 2024 12:49 PM

Arbuckle reconsiders MDC pay


William Woodworth

Marlborough District Councillor and NZ First MP Jamie Arbuckle has made a u-turn decision, to now donate his Council pay to a local charity.

"I will remain as a Marlborough District Councillor until October of this year at which time I will stand down from that role", said Jamie, in a statement this morning.

"This has always been my intent in order for local ratepayers to avoid a costly $130k+ local byelection if I were to resign before that date".

"In light of feedback and upon reflection, any remuneration I have received in my role as local councillor since the date of the general election in October last year, as well as any future remuneration received until I stand down, will be donated to a local district community charity".

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