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Talented art students selected for gallery show


Paula Hulburt

A newly found passion for paint and an ant called Arbuckle have seen a young artist picked to show his portfolio.

Year 12 student Patrick Griffith is an NCEA level 1 art student whose water colour works has been selected to go on display at the Marlborough Art Gallery.

An initiative from Marlborough Youth Council and a partnership between the Marlborough Art Gallery, Marlborough colleges and the Marlborough District Council; Folio is the 2024 Marlborough Youth Art Exhibition.

Seeing his art hanging up in the popular gallery among other students’ work, was exciting, says Patrick.

“I’ve always liked to draw and paint monsters and that’s evolved into painting bugs.

“I’ve always been into creative things but became interested in painting last year.

“My teacher really got me into it, and I’ve tried to tell a story about this ant, who I named Arbuckle, and it’s great to see my work in the gallery.”

The exhibition, which opens to the public on Saturday, is a presentation of NCEA folio artwork from local students. Photo: Paula Hulburt

Pupils from Queen Charlotte College in Picton, Marlborough Boys’ College, Marlborough Girls’ College, Richmond View School in Blenheim and Rai Valley Area School all have work on display.

Earlier today, the gallery was a hive of activity as students and volunteers gathered to help.

To be chosen, successful students had to create a connected body of work, exploring art-making methods and ideas.

Student Council volunteer Matilda Phelps has been helping hang artworks at the Marlborough Gallery. Photo: Paula Hulburt

Student Council volunteer Matilda Phelps, who was sworn in last week, was on site to help hang some of the works.

She’s looking forward to seeing all the pieces, she says.

“They’re amazing.”

Some of the work from local NCEA level students going up in the Marlborough Art Galley in readiness for Saturday's exhibition opening. Photo: Paula Hulburt

The Marlborough Youth Art Exhibition is on display at the Marlborough Art Gallery Te Kahu o Waipuna on Blenheim’s High Street from 20 April to 9 June 2024.

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