Wed, May 22, 2024 3:40 PM

Crash victim critical


Paula Hulburt

A person has been critically injured in a crash near Grovetown this afternoon.

State Highway 1 remains closed between Dodson Rd and SH62 intersection and is likely to remain shut for several hours.

Police Serious Crash Unit are carrying out investigations at the scene of the crash which was reported to emergency crews just after 1pm.

The critically injured patient was flown by rescue helicopter to Wairau Hospital. Fire crews had to free one of the patients trapped in a vehicle.

The New Zealand Transport Agency Waka Katohi are advising Southbound travellers to use SH62, Odwyers Rd, Thomsons Ford Rd, Old Renwick Rd, Lansdowne St and Dodson St as an alternative route. Reverse for northbound traffic.

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