Fri, May 24, 2024 3:43 PM

State-of-the-art car wash contributes to community care


William Woodworth

A new carwash is set to do more than simply clean cars, it’s also giving Hospice Marlborough a funding boost.

The new Horton St facility, which was officially opened this morning, includes two automated car wash bays alongside four self-service car cleaning bays.

And this weekend, 10 per cent of proceeds will be donated to Hospice Marlborough.

For owner-operator Jared Morris it is his second car wash site, with one on Blenheim’s Francis Street proving a popular draw with motorists for six years.

Jared says the three-year project has been a positive journey and he is proud to also be able to support Hospice.

“Supporting Hospice Marlborough is something we’ve done over a number of years through a variety of businesses – everyone is connected to Hospice in some way at some point, so they’re always a worthwhile cause to support.”

Jared says some special touches have been put in place to ensure the new wash centre is technologically advanced and as green as possible.

It uses demineralised water to eliminate glass streaks and half the chemicals of traditional car washes.

“It’s been big to be able to get all of the technology together and put plans into practise,” he says.

“There’s some incredibly high technology that goes into this, and it’s been great to work with Tunnel Wash down in Christchurch who are leaders in the washing business to have it all up and running.

“We opened the car wash facility on Francis Street six years ago, and we found it went almost straight to capacity on that site so we started looking for a new space out of necessity almost straight away.”

People who download their Auto Self Serve app will get a $15 credit.

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