Tue, Jan 23, 2024 11:29 AM

Queen Charlotte Drive closure


Paula Hulburt

Motorists are being  warned of upcoming road closures and delays as vital repair work continues on Queen Charlotte Drive.

Daytime road closures are planned for Queen Charlotte Drive from 7 February for up to three weeks.

The road will be closed about 1.8km from the SH6/Havelock turnoff near Cullen Point, Mahakipawa Hill, on weekdays from 9am until 3pm with hourly openings, on the hour, to let traffic through.

Marlborough District Council are urging road users to be prepared for delays as outside closure times, works will continue under stop/go traffic management.

These works are for the construction of an earth wall, along with drainage upgrades and there will also be more trucks using the road.

Works are being undertaken at various sites on Queen Charlotte Drive, between Cullen Point and Shakespeare Bay, including a retaining wall near Aussie Bay and surfacing and finishing works at a new retaining wall site near Momorangi Bay campsite.

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