Wed, May 1, 2024 11:59 AM

Raffle grows hopes for replacement ute


William Woodworth

The “Dig Deep for Selmes Garden Centre” raffle has been drawn with 12 lucky prize winners receiving a range of fantastic prizes.

With the help of both the Blenheim and Blenheim South Rotary Club’s, the raffle has raised more than $2200 for the garden centre.

The community contribution which is going towards replacing the garden centre’s wrecked work ute has been well appreciated by general manager Angel Cooper.

“The support from the Rotary clubs, especially from Neville White who’s been leading the raffle, has been amazing,” says Angel.

“We’ve raised much more than expected and it’s been fun to do and heartening to see the support we have, with the amazing support for donated prizes and for people who have purchased tickets.

“Now, we’re hoping that when we have cash in hand a local car dealer will be able to do us a good deal!”

Raffle prize winners (in process of being contacted)

1st Prize:  $500 Hamper  Ticket 1961 Dave L

2nd Prize: Scenic Circle Hotel Voucher $150-00 Ticket 1249 Mike B

3rd Prize : St Clair Kitchen Voucher $100-00 Ticket 1029 Frank P

4th Prize: 3 Bottles Framingham Sauvignon Blanc Wine Ticket 1866 Ultra Quip Hire

5th Prize: 2 Biddy Kate $30-00 Vouchers Ticket 1048 Angel C

6th Prize: ITM $50-00 Voucher Ticket 1356 Peter B

7th Prize: Truly Blissful Voucher $50-00 Ticket 1778 Dearna L

8th Prize: 2 Double Pass Event Cinema Ticket 1779 Dearna L

9th Prize: 3 @ Stadium 2000 Pool Family Passes Ticket 1618 Elspeth B

10th Prize: 3 @ Stadium 2000 Gym Passes Ticket 1167 Bryan S

11th Prize: 1 Rotary Xmas Pudding Ticket 1360 Peter B

12th Prize: 2 Bags Selmes Mushroom Compost Ticket 1865 Ultra Quip Hire

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