Thu, Dec 14, 2023 9:16 AM

Restricted fire season in force


Paula Hulburt

Marlborough  has entered a restricted fire season as of 8am today until further notice.

A restricted fire season means anyone planning on lighting an open-air fire will need to apply for and obtain a permit.

All Department of Conservation land is in a year-round restricted fire season.

Declaring the restricted fire season, Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s Nelson Marlborough District Manager Grant Haywood says a wet spring and the start of summer has resulted in a high level of vegetation growth throughout Marlborough.

"While there is still some green vegetation throughout the District, it only takes a few hot and windy days to quickly dry this out and create a fast-moving fire.

"A range of activities such as barbecuing and cultural cooking are still allowed during a restricted fire season.

"You can find all the information you need about what you can and can’t do at"

Information on the local fire danger is also easily accessible via the MetService website.

"Even if you have a permit, we would expect anyone planning on lighting a fire to check the conditions, and hold off lighting, especially if it is windy and hot," Grant says.

"We know a substantial number of people will still be visiting the area over summer and we want to reduce the risk of fires as much as possible."

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