Wed, May 15, 2024 1:23 PM

Rolling out the region’s remote transfer stations



Marlborough’s first remote transfer stations (RTS) are about to be built as part of improvements to the way Council manages waste and recycling.

Council will provide Marlborough’s rural communities with 10 revamped remote transfer stations to improve facilities and replace existing coin operated skips and community recycling bins, under a new contract with WM LTD (formerly Waste Management).

The sites are Awatere Valley Road, Ohingaroa Quarry, Port Underwood, Portage Bay, Rai Valley, Linkwater, Titirangi, Waihopai Valley, Waitaria Bay and Ward.

Council hopes to have all the sites operational by Christmas, Council’s Solid Waste Manager Mark Lucas said.

“Council will remove all coin operated skips by 30 June 2024 and provide a ‘stand in’ transfer station until the new RTS are built, serviced by Council’s contractor.”

Mr Lucas said the new sites had been designed with an emphasis on aesthetics, practicality, ability to contain the waste and ease of keeping clean. The design includes several recyclable products, including repurposed vineyard posts and mussel ropes. All the sites have been designed so people with reduced mobility will be able to use them and they will have 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

“The new remote transfer stations will include larger wheelie bins for all recycling and waste. People will be required to sort their recycling and waste into the appropriate bins and all glass will be placed in a large skip and sorted by colour,” Mr Lucas said.

“Current rural community recycling bins will be replaced by a combination of the expanded kerbside service and the remote transfer stations. This includes the current bins in the Awatere Valley and Ward.”

Following community consultation and the letting of a contract to WM LTD, Council approved changes to Marlborough’s waste services including expanding and changing the kerbside collection, including the introduction of wheelie bins, and installing the 10 remote transfer stations.

Wheelie bins are being rolled out now across the region to Blenheim, Picton, Grovetown, Havelock, Rarangi, Rai Valley, Renwick, Seddon, Spring Creek and Tua Marina.

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