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Space a problem for chlorinated water plan


Maia Hart

Blenheim’s water needs to be chlorinated by the end of the year, but finding the land has been an “issue” for the council.

Taumata Arowai, the regulator of water services for New Zealand, has directed the Marlborough District Council to install residual disinfection in the water supply network.

But the only way to achieve that is through chlorination, which is already in water supplies in Picton, Renwick, Seddon, Havelock, Wairau Valley and Awatere rural.

And the project would require a new building for the water treatment plant.

Blenheim and properties on the Riverlands industrial water supply were the only places in Marlborough that did not have a residual disinfection, council’s operations and maintenance engineer Stephen Rooney said.

Stephen said the council had not previously chlorinated the water supply because it legislatively did not need to, and it was the community’s desire not to.

“I've fielded some calls from concerned customers or members of the community about chlorinating a supply that they consider is not warranted,” Stephen said.

“But there are risks inherent with operating a network that doesn't have chlorine or a disinfection component within it.

A report that went to full council in February said obtaining land for chlorination was an “issue” for the central water treatment plant in Blenheim.

The chlorination budget was subject to sign-off under the council’s long-term plan.

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