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Call for celebrities with stars in their eyes


Paula Hulburt

Would-be celebrities are being urged to find their inner stage heroes and audition for this year’s Stars in Your Eyes stage spectacular.

Organisers are searching for a star-studded cast to take to the stage at the ASB Theatre later this year for an important charity concert.

With auditions set to get underway next month, now is the time to summon a musical celebrity and sign up for the popular event.

Organiser Liz McKay says the pool of talent has always impressed and she is looking forward to seeing a host of new stars.

And she has some advice for those considering their moment in the spotlight.

“It’s important to get behind the skin of the person to portray them. You really need to start looking at the character and the story you want to tell through them.

“It’s advisable to choose a well-known artist and a song that is also well known and popular that the audience will recognise and be able to identify with.”

Featuring ten local Marlborough ‘stars’ performing as their favourite artists, the popular show raises both awareness and funds for Creative Kids Trust and the Fulton Foundation Marlborough.

Hosted again by NZ entertainer, singer and comedian Jackie Clarke; this red-carpet event is a highlight with audiences.

Auditions will be held on 19 May and the evening of 21 May at the Auckland Street studio in Blenheim.

The show will be held on Saturday 24 August.

All would-be stars need to pre-register and can do so by emailing or texting 021 547 593.

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