The highs & lows of footwear

Are you walking tall this season or choosing to be more down to earth? From long-boots to street sneakers, there’s a shoe style this winter to suit afficionados of all looks and heel heights.

Boots this year are more on the knee — or just below — as opposed to over-the-knee, as they were in 2019.

They’re waiting to be paired with coats that just brush their tops for a seamless winter look. Black remains popular, along with natural browns. Just remember to keep them clean and conditioned to avoid staining and water-damage.

Heel-wise, take your pick, from almost stiletto-type elegance to more practical flats. Loafers also remain a wardrobe staple, but with a new twist for those looking for something with a bit of a difference.

Keep an eye out for higher heels than you might usually consider in this style, especially the solid block heel, and slingbacks for an added touch of elegance.

Fresh prints and lots of buckle or chain detailing also add a point of difference. And, as they were last year, platforms are back.

Go up in the world with formal footwear such as stylish wedges on platform soles or sneakers with a real sense of elevation.

So, what else will the warmer months hold as we come out of winter? If Europe’s anything to go by, strappy styles — but with thin straps this season — will be on our shelves as we come into spring.

In particular, elegant sandals with square toes look set to deviate away from the heavier, almond-toed versions of the last few years.

In something of a surprise move, espadrilles — those mainstays of the ‘80s — are also making a return, this time with platforms behind the traditional braided sides and with embellished or jewelled straps, rather than the simple slip-ons of yesteryear. So put your best foot forward in 2020/21!