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Water restrictions ease in Picton and Waikawa


Paula Hulburt

Picton and Waikawa residents can use sprinklers and hand-held hoses again but with a warning to keep watering to a minimum.

Marlborough District Council have today announced an easing on water restrictions which have been in place since the beginning of the month.

People can now flush out boat motors and wash boats lightly, but these activities should be kept to a minimum.

The popular water play area on the Picton Foreshore will also reopen on weekends and public holidays from 9am to 9pm.

Council’s Operations and Maintenance Engineer Stephen Rooney says people still need to make efforts to conserve water.

“We thank the community for their efforts over the past few weeks but do encourage continued conservation of water to avoid a return to tighter water restrictions.

“With warm and dry weather still ahead of us it makes good sense to still make every drop count,” he says.

Water restrictions have been in place in Picton and Waikawa since early January when water stopped flowing over the Essons Valley dam.

Low rainfall, high levels of evapotranspiration and high summer demand, meant the township was reliant on the Speeds Road supply and reservoirs at the Elevation and Victoria Domain.

Water levels in reservoirs must be kept at adequate levels to allow for power outages at Speeds Road and for firefighting purposes, Stephen explains.

“Since then, process modifications have been made to the Essons Valley water treatment plant which enables the treatment of lower quality water.

“This change has been possible due to recent changes in the Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules allowing a change to the UV dose process,” he says.

Reduced Council irrigation continues at Endeavour Park.

The revised restrictions are:

·       Hand-held hoses permitted for watering gardens

·       A property with an even numbered street address may use sprinklers only on even numbered calendar days

·       A property with an odd numbered street address may use sprinklers only on odd numbered calendar days

·       Only one tap may be used at a time to run a sprinkler or sprinkler systems

·       The term sprinkler means any hose which is not held and directed by hand

·       Boat motor flushing and light boat washing is permitted but should be kept to a minimum

·       Reduced Council irrigation at Endeavour Park

·       No water use by cruise ships

The restrictions apply to all properties on the Picton and Waikawa supply until further notice.

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