Thu, Jul 28, 2022 3:00 PM

Girls' College threat sparks lockdown


Paula Hulburt

Marlborough Girls’ College has gone into lockdown.

The school has shut its doors and students are being kept inside as a precaution, with no one leaving or entering the building.

Armed officers have surrounded Marlborough Girls' College, ensuring no one enters the building. Photo: Matt Brown

Armed police cordoned off the area  shortly after 2.30pm and Mclauchlan Street has been closed to traffic.

The move comes in the wake of a series of phone threats towards schools across the country today and against the Blenheim based school yesterday.

McLauchlan Street has been closed off to traffic and police are asking people to avoid the area. Photo: Matt Brown

But in a statement this afternoon, police say they don’t believe the threat is linked.

“Police are responding following a report of a threat at Marlborough Girls' College. Police units are in attendance.

“Marlborough Girls' College has gone into lockdown and other schools in the area have voluntarily locked down.

“The public are asked to avoid the area.

The threat is not believed to be linked to threats toward other schools made this week.”

Police officers outside Marlborough Girls' College after the school was lockdown following a security threat. Photo: Matt Brown

By 3.21pm worried parents had gathered at the armed cordon desperate for news and cars trying to gain access were being turned around.

Around 40 people are now waiting outside the cordon as police let Bohally Intermediate students leave the area.

Parents and caregivers say they were getting texts from students inside the building, scared about what was happening.

Students at Bohally School and nearby Springlands School were also being kept inside as a precaution but students were allowed to leave Bohally School at 3.35pm.

Police officers were outside Bohally Intermediate this afternoon as students left following a voluntary lockdown. Photo: Matt Brown

In a post on social media, Marlborough Girls' College Principal Mary-Jeanne Lynch says the lockdown was instigated following advice from the police.

All students and staff were safe inside the building, she says.

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