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Medals and mullets: Woody’s annual hunt draws a keen crowd


Matt Brown

Renwick’s Woodbourne Tavern saw an influx of utes, redbands, mullets and trophies this afternoon at their annual Queen’s Birthday hunt.

Keen hunters from across the region battled for supremacy at the Woody Pig & Deer Hunt 2022.

And a strong showing through the age groups saw a bevy of prizes handed out not only for hefty quarry, but for the first time, magnificent mullets.

Boys discuss the intricacies of stalking prey at the Woodbourne Tavern's annual hunt. Photo: Matt Brown.

Publican Rowan Ingpen says it is great to see everybody out and about.

“It’s a fantastic day out for the whole family.”

He says he is happy the weather held out for the annual event.

“Everybody’s enjoying themselves – mixing and mingling. And the kids are loving it.”

Father and son team Toby Clay-Davis and Eddie Davis, with their three dogs, stuck a boar on Saturday morning.

The beast, weighing in at around 40kg, is a fairly common good-sized pig in Marlborough, Eddie says.

“They average is around 40 to 50 kilos,” Toby explains.

“If you get something worthy of weighing, you turn up [to the competition].”

But the pig didn’t go down without a fight, Eddie nursing a few aches and one of the dogs needing a couple of stitches.

“I’m pretty sore, but yeah – it was a good battle,” Eddie says.

Toby Clay-Davis and Eddie Davis with their weekend's catch. Photo: Matt Brown.

Woody Pig Hunt veteran Blue Blick says the best part of the competition is how it brings the community together.

“You see all your friends you don’t see very often. It brings the families together too,” he says.

Blue has helped run the kids side of the hunt about a decade.

“It’s something to put back into the community.”

He says the rabbit, hare and possum section has another benefit, besides ridding the countryside of pests.

Publican Rowan Ingpen and MC Chris Lippiatt address a strong crowd participants at this year's hunt. Photo: Matt Brown.

The Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust receive all the carcasses, so they don’t go to waste.

Ten-year-old Richie McRae entered the teen goat section, with his 18.88kg goat and the mullet competition.

He says he has been growing his mullet since the start of last year.


Kids Section


1st          Alexis Martin 4.60

2nd        Matilda Ingpen 4.50

3rd         Flynn Smart 4.40

3rd=       Wiremu Clay 4.40


1st          Sophia Peak 2.10

2nd        Ameika Graham 1.90

3rd         Evy Boyce 1.30


1st          Sophia Peak 3.70

2nd=      Braxley Grinter 3.6

2nd=      Harland Adams 3.6

Teen Goat

1st          Paige Town 44.4

2nd        Sienna Martin 37.6

3rd         Chase McWirter 33.0

Average               25.4kg

Gus Wickham 25.0kg

Teen Pig

1st          Maia Watson 64kg

2nd        Finn Mckenzie 62.5kg

3rd         Hunter Stanton & Chase McWhirter 61.0kg

Average- 41.82

Saphera Best 42kg


1st          Daniel Lawrence 68kg

2nd        Joshua Patterson 66.5kg

3rd         Jayden Holdaway 65.5kg

Average               45.6kg

Eli Keeps 45.4

Best Tusks Jayden Holdaway


1st          Jeremy Everson 121kg

2nd        Jarod Bryant 108.5kg

3rd         Allister Grinter 105kg

Average 75.39


Jett Winkler 76.5kg

Taylor Cleall 76.5kg

Best Head Jeremy Everson

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