Thu, Aug 17, 2023 2:06 PM

Teaching a town to trap


Paula Hulburt

Join Jen Dunlop and Dianne John and find out how Picton Dawn Chorus (PDC) inspired their town to join them on a large-scale trapping adventure.

Staff and volunteers regularly check a network of traps in the bush around Picton/Waitohi, targeting rats and other pests.

But there is another group of trappers who have traps in their own back yards, residents are asked to set and check their traps and to report on their catches each month.

Dianne was involved in setting up the programme and Jen's job is to ensure that the back yard trappers are given the help and encouragement to keep up their trapping efforts.

With households making up over 400ha of the PDC project area, urban trapping is an important part of the whole trapping operation.

The pair will share their tips on how you can effectively trap at home and help to restore native birdlife.

The talk takes place at Blenheim School on Thursday at 7.30pm. Gold coin door donation.

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