Tue, Aug 2, 2022 3:00 PM

Top of the South film to hit NZ and US screens



A group of Top of the South film producers are taking their homegrown offering to 40 theatres across the country next month, including a red carpet event in Nelson.

They have managed to sell the US rights for their film, Northspur, to a major US film studio, who have allowed a one-month theatrical window to get the film out around New Zealand.

The film will also have exclusive digital screening rights in the United States.

“It's a big thing for us here in little old Nelson to get our film out to the world,” says Nelson-based screenwriter and producer Justin Eade.

Justin wrote the script, which had 32 drafts. It was directed by Marlborough-based Aaron Falvey.

“Five years ago, we got this feature film off the ground with local investment, and with no help from the Film Commission we funded and produced it all off our own bat, here in Nelson and Blenheim,” he says.

“It’s a massive buzz for us after putting five years of our lives into this very low budget movie. To think Nelson and Marlborough landscapes are going to be seen around the world is really awesome.”

Northspur is an action movie set in a post-apocalyptic New Zealand that involves a man's struggle to save his wife.

“The film asks questions about love, compassion, faith, endurance, and protecting one's family. It's an action film but has a lot of dramatic moments and character interaction,” says Justin.

The film is made entirely in the Top of the South, with a local cast and crew used.

The world premiere will be held in Blenheim on 1 September, and the Nelson premiere will be at The Suter Theatre on 4 September with a red carpet event.

“After our Suter Premiere, we'll be playing at State Cinema Nelson as well,” says Justin.

Justin says the film is making people in the film industry around New Zealand “sit up and take notice”.

“We have done this all on our own initiative, all from Nelson and Blenheim, and we hope to do many more feature films here locally after this and start a small 'industry' of sorts.”

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