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Basketball awards presented


Peter Jones

The Marlborough Basketball Association took time to acknowledge and celebrate their 2023 achievers at a prizegiving on Friday, November 24.

Aki Collins and Sophia Nicholas claimed the junior basketballer of the year awards, while senior male basketballer of the year was Dan Page, with Heidi Stenhouse-Allen named senior female basketballer of the year.

Brodie Materoa was voted representative player of the year.

One of the major awards was presented to John Ihaka, who was named 2023 Volunteer of the Year.

He has been a committee member, a coach, a referee, and an integral part of MBA Marlborough Basketball Association. This year John coached the Under 15 Development Boys team, arranged practice opportunities in Nelson and Kaikoura and went the extra mile for his team when at tournament.

He has assisted in running many competitions over the years, 3x3 and Senior league comps and has refereed both in Marlborough and away for many years.

Other award winners

SIPT Year 7 & 8 Boys - Most Valuable Players - Iwi MacDonald, Jack Wickens, Dylan Gifford; Most Improved Players - Taine Hunter, Shaydon Streeter, Cooper Murray, Hunter Ward

SIPT Year 7 & 8 Girls - Most Valuable Players - Aurelia Daly, Maddie Thomas; Most Improved Players - Lexi Thompson, Georgie Fissenden

Under 13 Boys - Most Valuable Player - Dylan Gifford and Jai Cootes; Most Improved Player - Fionn Heagney

Under 13 Development Boys - Most Valuable Player - Kale McMillan; Most Improved Player - Daniel Baker

Under 13 Girls -  Most Valuable Player - MacKenzie Haronga; Most Improved Player - Alyssa Haronga and Georgie Fissenden.

Under 13 Development Girls - Most Valuable Player - Lexi Thompson; Most Improved Player - Ali Senior

Under 15 Boys - Most Valuable Player - Brodie Materoa and Couper Robinson; Most Improved Player - Louis Thomas

Under 15 Development Boys - Most Valuable Player - Enzo Silva; Most Improved Player - Marcell Kovacs

Under 15 Girls - Most Valuable Player - Sophia Nicholas; Most Improved Player - Jaye Wiapo

Under 15 Development Girls - Most Valuable Player - Izelle van der Westuizen; Most Improved Player - Luca McMillan

Under 17 Boys - Most Valuable Player - Aki Collins; Most Improved Player - Tyson Foote

Overall awards

Junior Male Basketballer of the Year - Aki Collins

Junior Female Basketballer of the Year - Sophia Nicholas

Most Improved Referee - Matt du Plessis

Rookie Referee of the Year - Jake Clark

Intermediate Referee of the Year - Maui de Wildt

Senior Male Basketballer of the Year - Dan Page

Senior Female Basketballer of the Year - Heidi Stenhouse-Allen

Representative Player of the Year - Brodie Materoa

Outstanding Contribution to College Basketball - Chris McMurtrie

Bruce Atkinson Trophy for Volunteer of the Year - John Ihaka

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