Tue, Oct 24, 2023 11:10 PM

MBC old boys show the way


Peter Jones

On Friday, past pupils of Marlborough Boys’ College took the opportunity to test their rapidly-maturing skills against the current crop of college sportsmen.

In the second year of what is hoped to be an annual match-up, MBC teams took on their older adversaries in a series of sporting encounters. The old boys came out victorious in basketball, football, rugby, hockey and shooting, while MBC teams prevailed in golf and rowing, with the squash being drawn.

With MBC celebrating its 125th anniversary next year organisers are hoping to build on what has become a successful and much-anticipated event.

MBC old boys Kyren Taumoefolau and Monu Moli plot a backline move on the college front field. Photo Wendy Lindstrom.
MBC teacher Gareth Pugh slams the ball towards goal.
The rugby teams enjoyed a willing encounter. Photo Jess Hardley.
Ben Blackman sums up his options. 
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