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Netball fraternity honours their own


Peter Jones

The outstanding teams and individuals from the 2023 Marlborough netball season were honoured during a function at Lansdowne Park after the recent club finals.

Leading umpire Michelle Stagg was named Netballer of the Year.  Michelle is now a regular on the national netball scene, umpiring eight ANZ premiership matches this season, involving the country’s top players.

Voted most outstanding senior player of the season was Harlequins Indevin defender Wendy Trolove, while Brooke Harper, from the MGC senior A side, was named most improved senior player.

Umpire Michelle Stagg was named Netballer of the Year.


Netballer of the Year: Michelle Stagg

Person contributing most to netball: Sonya Masters

Presidents Cup: MGC McKendry Ford

Coach of the Year: Olivia Pinkerton and Jordan Peipi

MNC MVP 2023: Kirsty Boase; Wendy Trolove and Brooke Harper (merit)

Most accurate premier shooter: Kate Gaudin

Tokomaru Cup: Havelock Service Station

MNC official of the year: Sonya Masters


Junior umpire of the year: Gabriella Reidie; Sophia Nicholas (merit). Most improved umpire: Tracy Roughan and Laura Theyers; Georgina Raj (merit). Most promising umpire: Natasha Cook; Jacob Collins (merit). Umpire of the year: Michelle Stagg

Year 9/10

Most improved year 9/10 attack: Hailey Crafar; Jess Curzon (merit). Most improved year 9/10 midcourt: Olivia Brown. Most improved year 9/10 defence: Shanaya McElhinney. Most improved year 9/10 player overall: Olivia Brown; Shanaya McElhinney (merit). Most outstanding year 9/10 attack: Sophia Nicholas. Most outstanding year 9/10 midcourt: Bree Flynn; Tyler O’Donnell (merit). Most outstanding year 9/10 defence: Tilly Tupouto’a. Most outstanding year 9/10 player overall: Sophia Nicholas. Most improved senior attack: Naomi Fowler; Zoe Jordaan (merit)


Most improved senior midcourt: Delyth James-Sitters; Zara Jopson (merit). Most improved senior defence: Brooke Harper. Most improved senior player overall: Brooke Harper; Dakota Tepuia (merit). Most outstanding senior shooter: Paige Lovell; Hazel Glover (merit). Most outstanding senior midcourt: Sophie Robinson. Most outstanding senior defence: Wendy Trolove. Most outstanding senior player overall: Wendy Trolove

Age group

U16 most improved: Katie Poff and Jess Curzon. U16 most valuable: Brooke Harper. U18 most improved: Zoe Jordaan. U18 most valuable: Dakota Tepuia

Year 7/8

Most improved year 7/8 team: Rapaura School Ferns. Most improved year 7/8 player overall: Jade Hughes; Sylvia Bullen and Isla Wilson (merit). Best year 7/8 attack: Madeline Thomas and Izzy Taetuli. Best year 7/8 midcourt: Stephanie Kemp-Maua; Aurelia Daley (merit). Best year 7/8 defence Mereana Johnson; Georgie Fissenden (merit). Most outstanding year 7/8 player overall: Mereana Johnson.

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