Thu, Oct 5, 2023 7:20 PM

Tight tussles at Gavin Roberts football tournament


Peter Jones

Both Marlborough teams at the annual Gavin Roberts 12th grade boys and 12th grade girls South Island representative football tournament proved highly competitive.

The event was hosted by Marlborough Football at A&P Park, from Sunday, September 24 until Tuesday, September 26 and featured 21 teams, with over 300 players.

Fourteen teams competed for the Gavin Roberts 12th Boys Trophy while seven sides bid battle for the South Island 12th Grade Girls Trophy.

Marcus Blasco-Brown bursts away for the Marlborough boys side. 

The Marlborough girls’ side had a top tournament, ending up in second place with four wins a draw and a loss to eventual winner West End AFC.

Cashmere Tech Blue won the boys section from Nomads Utd, Marlborough coming 10th.

The Marlborough girls’ MVP was Hayley Semmens, who was named overall tournament MVP. Hunter Wong was named MVP of the Marlborough boys’ side.

The popular tournament has been running since 1973.

Marlborough football are hosting seven tournaments over nine weeks in September and October, bringing over 100 teams, plus their supporters, to the region.

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