Thomas & Sons

Thomas & Sons – 103 years in the making… It only took 103 years to make Thomas & Sons happen! Though J.E Thomas’s has always been known for its a wide and varied range of product offerings it took until 20 November 2015 for it to include on-site refreshments. In keeping with big city department stores, it was felt that it was time to complete the contribution within the greater store to include a well-stocked café offering quality baked goods, salads, sandwiches and of course excellent coffee! Tim and Hamish also had a commitment to revitalising the CBD, and felt that the addition of a café to the centre of town with outside seating would work to support this goal. Realising the importance of making consistently good coffee, the team set about finding a coffee roaster to partner with, Atomic were selected based on the quality of their product and a reputation for partnering and supporting independent operators. The store now services the café with its own commercial kitchen upstairs and has recently started offering catering services to local businesses and private customers alike. From its outstanding design and presentation to its friendly, well-skilled baristas and wait-staff, Thomas & Sons offers a great spot for a business meeting or catch up between shopping.


Address: 54 Market Street Blenheim