Thu, May 26, 2022 9:12 AM

American mentors available to local businesses


Max Frethey

Marlborough businesses looking at breaking into the American market may now find the process that much easier.

Business Trust Marlborough has gained two United States-based mentors to provide advice to local businesses seeking to export to America.

The Trust is a free business advisory service which is funded by multiple organisations and corporations including the Marlborough District Council and Rātā Foundation.

One of its strategic goals has been to secure business mentors in key export markets.

“Like any service we’re always looking to expand our offering and provide the most complete service that we can,” Trust manager Brian Dawson says.

“So, if we do come across businesses in Marlborough that are looking to export, or to better understand the nuances and difference of overseas markets, we have people that are in-market who could help them.”

Brian says that while organisations like New Zealand Trade and Enterprise do an excellent job at helping companies navigate exporting and the international market, he hopes the United States-based mentors can help smaller local businesses figure out if the American market is right for them.

“I think it’ll be eye-opening for a lot of Marlborough producers.”

The Trust’s business mentors are volunteers.

“A mentor is lots of things really,” Brian says. “They’re a sounding board, they’re a guide. Their job is to ask questions of the mentee about what success looks like for them in the future and what path they’re going down to achieve that success.”

“It’s also to share, in many cases, hard-won knowledge. A mentor has generally been there, done that, has a lot of experience of probably being in business themselves.”

One of the United States-based mentors is Quidnet Ventures founder Dr Mark Bregman.

Quidnet Ventures invests in science-based deep-tech companies in New Zealand.

“I am very interested in helping develop the New Zealand economy to create new and better jobs for Kiwis,” Mark says. “We’re here to make sure Kiwi businesses flourish on the world stage and make a global impact.”

Mark has been part of Angel Investors Marlborough for over a year and was happy to accept the role of mentor with Business Trust Marlborough.

“I felt that it would provide another way to help New Zealand businesses develop,” he says. “New Zealand is quickly becoming the next innovation nation, with noticeable recent market growth, and a growing number of unicorns.”

After securing the American mentors, Brian and Business Trust Marlborough hope to secure some mentors in the Australian market.

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