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Quilters care for ambo service


William Woodworth

Clever quilters are using their talents to help take care of their volunteer ambulance service.

Margaret Marshall, Erica Anker, Margaret Mansell and Yvonne Roberts, alongside 20 other Picton Quilters, are set to show off their creations at an upcoming exhibition.

And money raised from the sale of the newly completed quilts will be donated to Hato Hone St John.

The service does such a great job locally, it is a pleasure to be able to help, says Margaret Marshall.

“We usually give away many of our quilts, but the stall will be an opportunity to support our local volunteers who do such an amazing and critical job, especially in Picton and Waikawa.

“For an area that admittedly has an older population than average, having St John here compared to being only based in Blenheim makes a massive difference when they’re needed.”

Erica Anker’s impression of her dog Dudley at his sixth birthday. Photo: William Woodworth

The exhibition has also included a Nostalgia Challenge where quilters have been tasked to test their skills on vintage patterns, fabrics and designs.

“The Challenge has had us working with recycled materials like lace or doilies to create something new, which has been a fun new design challenge” Erica.

A quilting workshop will be held over the three-day display for newcomers to have a go.

The Parallel 41 Quilting Exhibition will take place at the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club 3 to 5 May from 10pm to 3pm, with a $5 entry fee including morning and afternoon tea.

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