Thu, Apr 6, 2023 5:00 AM

Chilean Needle Grass update




The Chilean Needle Grass Action Group (CNGAG) has for over ten years been involved in the ‘why, what and how’ associated with managing, education and awareness of the invasive pest plant.  

The group is independent from Marlborough District Council’s Biosecurity Team and Ministry for Primary Industries but works with both.

Warwick Lissaman, who has a lead role as Chair of the group says, “We are always looking for new ideas and new energy for the group, to maintain and raise awareness of Chilean Needle Grass (CNG). Identify, track, trace, eliminate and monitor is one catchphrase used.”

Marlborough District Council (MDC) undertakes control work and survey new ground on affected properties.

These often have light infestation that were promptly controlled by the MDC, Biosecurity team.

The Council is committed to assisting landowners with control work to suppress CNG. They currently have 200 affected sites, working with landowners to develop management plans as new properties are discovered and to prevent spread within and off properties.

It’s important to follow ‘hygiene protocols,’ and to tell visitors about cleaning vehicles, farm equipment, shoes and clothing before leaving an infected property.

Warwick says, “If anyone in Marlborough suspects they may have CNG plants on their property they should take a photo and send it to the MDC, Biosecurity team on 03 5207400.”

It’s often our own actions that spread CNG, therefore Warwick urges landowners to, “protect your farm border, ask questions about where incoming feed, animals and machinery have come from,” and furthermore, he recommends even visitors should be questioned.

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