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Disc golf rookie a natural


William Woodworth

A rookie disc golf player who began playing the sport just last year has been making a name for herself nationally.

Richmond View School’s Rochell Uys fell in love with the sport from the first throw.

Now she’s brought home a FA3 division silver medal, and the junior girls distance title from the National Championships in Auckland  at the beginning of the month.

Year 13 student Rochell says she was hooked from the start.

“My PE teacher Mr Newton introduced the class to it and from the first good forehand throw I was hooked,” Rochell says.

“It’s just like any other sport where practise makes perfect - it’s taken lots and lots of field work and visits to the local Taylor River course and other courses.

“I’ve picked up a better backhand throw than my forehand and had the awesome opportunity of going to nationals.”

After only having the opportunity to play with two other females at Tasman Regionals – which Rochell also won – she was left in the dark on the results until finishing her round.

She credits her caddie, grandfather Martin Ruthven, for his help.

“I was expecting more long and open holes like we have here, but the Auckland course was shorter, bushier, and more technical so I had to pull a few more creative shots out of the bag.”

Rochell Uys in the process of sinking one of her longest putts of the weekend. Photo: Supplied

“A real standout shot was when everyone else went one way around, and I decided to risk a different route”, she describes.

“The disc just floated long, avoided trees, and settled where I wanted it perfectly, and I was able to go under par on that hole which I was really pumped for.

“I just want to play more courses and competitions, continue to improve my game, and hopefully get a sponsorship from (New Zealand company) RPM Discs – but I’ll keep having fun while I’m out there too”.

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