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Veterans tackle tennis tempest


Peter Jones

Varied weather conditions, some extreme, marked the 57th staging of the annual Marlborough Veterans Tennis Tournament at the weekend.

On Saturday the large field of local players, plus entrants from Nelson and Wellington, enjoyed generally warm, spring-like conditions.

However, on Sunday their skills were fully tested as gale-force winds buffeted the province.

Despite the treacherous playing conditions the event, which was contested in a round-robin format in groups based on players’ levels and not ages, was completed with the various titles being shared around.

Jared Bell tosses up a forehand lob.



Group A: Winners - Cathy Kitto & Joey Beckett. Runners Up - Carmel Horsley & Francie Ruffell

Group B: Winners - Jim Gardiner & Stu Partington. Runners Up - Mike Brew & Weir Broadbridge

Group C: Winners - Jeff Guppy & Russell Thomas. Runners Up - Scott Booth & Blair Hantz

Group D: Winners - Tania Martin & Jane Davidson. Runners Up - Margaret Young & Mareta Patterson.

Group E: Winners - Tanya Nieuwoudt & Joanne Ross. Runners Up - Dale Hyland & Shelley Ruhan.

Group F: Winners - Taylor Keen & Luan Muir. Runners Up - Helen Redshaw & Kerrie Smith

Group G: Winners - Stu Campbell & Chris Nott. Runners Up - Stephen Dempster & Jared Bell.

Luan Muir, left, and Taylor Keen won their group in Saturday's doubles competition.


Group A: Winners - Andrew Pillans & Francie Ruffell. Runners Up - Doug Jones & Dianne Wallace

Group B: Winners - Robert Heaney & Bronwyn Keown. Runners Up - Martin Kerrisk & Carmel Kerrisk

Group C: Winners - Stu Partington & Joanne Ross. Runners Up - Reon Kitto & Cathy Kitto

Group D: Winners - Stephen Dempster & Tania Martin. Runners Up - Stu Campbell & Donna Clark

Group E: Winners - Richard Chisholm & Jane Davidson. Runners Up - David Wutzler & Vicky Wutzler

Group F: Winners - Daniel Riordan & Everline Apthorp Van De Linden. Runners Up - Brian Powell & Mary-Anne Sloper.

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